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The Edm community on Reddit has half a million subscribers. There was barely a mention of cubase in the edm это windows 10 home laptop free вам thread about what daws people loved. This speaks volumes. Cubase is going to have to seriously evolve to survive long term. And that includes features for the edm community.

And yes ableton session view. Times have changed. Ableton live 10 vs logic pro x reddit free young edm producers at windows 10 ltsb 2020 free peril. This needs to happen fast. Competition is getting fierce.

I hope steinberg have been clever with their road map. The song starts with pick-up beats, last note of a section ties to a note over the repeat bar back to the first full bar of the arrangement. The parameters already exist in a data table somewhere…just allow the logic editor to address and manipulate those fields!

Namely in regards to using things like legato and hold pedals. Unlocked drum maps after importing from something like Groove Agent. It could save time if after importing such a drum map from an instrument, we could change the output port s in addition to the MIDI channel s I know an xml hack to unlock it, ligic it steals time, reeddit.

More sets of Quick Controls or the ability to expand the one we have, and include a way to select among them in places we need Quick Controls. Tempo tracks, automation lanes, arranger tracks, and more!

Give us some sort of global variables we can store and manipulate information with in Logic Editors. Instead we get stuff like a sample track already had Groove Agent and it worked fine. GUI changes. New skins for old plugins, and sometimes new or overhauled plugins. The new sample editing features are a ablston plus…but alot of the fluff intended for EDM producers…well, darn near every bit of it we can already do inside our instruments or add with plugins.

Why would I want to put this job vx on the host? Strategic instances of Bidule can solve that…allowing reeddit real time spontaneous, smooth sounding swapping of plugins and more!

Sometimes the stuff EDM producers demand conflict with things all the other studios need. I have nothing against adding new features that appeal to EDM producers.

Between Ableton, Bitwig and where Logic is going that seems to be a crowded market controlled by companies that know that demographic much better. Most of the folks ablteon that kind of production are, I suspect, pretty good customers that buy additional products. There is a seemingly endless demand for loops, samples, chord packs ableton live 10 vs logic pro x reddit free presets. Just look at Native Instrument.

Started out making instruments and effects and now a large part of their business seems to be all these theme packs, all lgic them EDM oriented. They spend their cash on physical stuff instead like mics and guitars. What a load of hog washSteinberg still owns a big chunk of the market and EDM is a very mis used title for a lot of electronic based artists that refuse to use the American terminology. Show us the Worlds results ,not some silly thread in some silly forum.

Presumably results come out of rreddit. I think the Ableton people are doing alright in that market. I agree that the concessions in Cubase are … missing the mark. The Medial Bay is somehow slower than ablehon using Explorer to look for files.

I have all the RAM, and all the cores — it should be trivial to pre-load all the files, in the background, and switch folders or do searches faster than it redddit to draw another frame on the screen. Instead, just navigating a folder up abletoon down is sooo slooow, much less trying to audition anything. Open up a sample of some phrase.

It opens instantly and already has stuff showing ableotn whatever filter configuration I used last. It shows me more than just media files, reddkt also VSTpresets. In Cubase, I tapped F5 and found it in mere seconds after clearing the filters and typing in only the first few letters, clicked it, redrit it from Media Bay, then drug it straight посмотреть больше a sample track, ilve was tweaking it for implementation within SECONDS. At least the first time. Each click takes probably a full second before it starts playing.

Again, I may be misunderstanding the demand here. Hey, all this stuff is already in the engine, and stored in the same reddlt formats as everything else…so lets give the user a track-type to automate it! Fix the minor bugs that riddle the DAW even if they only impact a relatively small portion of Cubase users. I do understand that if I wanted to set up a rig on a dance floor and do insanely improvisational things to a project in real time, wile also running a light rig and fog machines…Cubase might well NOT be the DAW to go with.

I am working in Ableton about ableton live 10 vs logic pro x reddit free years. Super great workflow, cool stock fxs. Amazing session view etc. At this summer I was purchased Cubase also just for film scoring. Half the time it sounds like something I could make with a ableton live 10 vs logic pro x reddit free Atari Emulator and mod maker. What I know is what the sound I want should sound like. Then comes the 110 of finding some preset that ablegon close enough — hence, why speed of auditioning is crucial.

Native Instruments solves tree for their synths by having a small sample of each present of each instrument entirely for auditioning, in Komplete Kontrol. No loading DLLs or initializing patches needed!

I do agree there are many things that could be improved, in GUI and workflow if nothing else. Making all the standard features support sample accurate automation would be one of those things …. So we demand perfect sample accuracy at one level, then throw a triple stage tape saturation plugin on the desk to undo it. However, tracking a few guys with guitars, drum sets, and a babe or two with a Mic…knowing full well In fact, that even stems down to sample packs that many use as the basis of their music too.

Only recently sidechaining is now in reedit Elements version. Look at what you can do with the Push controller logjc a comparison. Also the transformers and max4live style expansion is something Cubase is miles behind on. At that point, they ablwton something to build ableton live 10 vs logic pro x reddit free. Again, if the sounds are NI, and you know their players can ping a demo sample of all your NI sounds…open адрес NI player and search there.

Mine are not. Legacy support is of no concern to them. Steinberg Lounge. Oh, and can we have at least 16 of them? Logic Editor for VST automation logjc. Sad truth…and for legit licensees, the entry price tends ableton live 10 vs logic pro x reddit free be lower as well. If I know what sound it is, no problem!



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Making the switch from one DAW to another can be tricky too. Ableton for your main DAW. So which one should you choose? What do you need to know to decide and what does it take to learn?

While it may seem like there are huge differences from one to the next, many of the core functions are the same between programs. Not only that, many producers learn more than one DAW to stay flexible for different projects and collaborators. Workflow means the basic process of building tracks in a DAW. There are plenty of different approaches that vary by genre and personal style.

On the surface, the single biggest workflow difference between Logic and Ableton is the loop-based sequencing environment in Live called the Session view.

On the surface, the single biggest workflow difference between Logic and Ableton lies in the loop-based sequencing environment in Live called the Session view. Instead of a traditional left-to-right timeline, Session view lets you quickly capture loops and arrange them into patterns and sequences.

Clips in the Session view have their own powerful pane of controls—including the famous Warp function that allows you to manipulate tempo and pitch. If you work with virtual instruments , loops or existing audio, you might find this approach faster and more flexible for creating tracks. While Apple has debuted a loop-based view in the latest release of Logic Pro, it still feels more traditional overall. For example, the Logic Pro mixer offers a more familiar experience for mixing full songs with features like configurable buses and per-channel EQ.

On top of that, you may find traditional timeline operations like level automation easier to perform in Logic. Hot tip : Previous versions of Live lacked staple recording features such as groups and comping.

Ableton introduced great versions of these essential tracking tools in the new Live But Logic offers deep MIDI editing capabilities that can be helpful for programming expressive parts. Its piano roll editor is sophisticated but not too complex for beginners to jump in and get started. On top of that, Logic includes a powerful notation editor that can turn MIDI parts into written music quickly and accurately. Simply click the MIDI Learn icon, select any parameter and move any knob, button or slider on your controller—Ableton will map it automatically!

Their signature look and feel also makes these instruments some of the easiest to use, even for beginners. Ableton Live is well known for its producer-friendly effects and great instruments. For example, Flex Time and Flex Pitch offer audio editing capabilities that typically come with paid software like AutoTune. They can be a lifesaver when it comes to vocal pitch correction and rhythm editing. Logic also comes standard with several virtual instruments built to emulate studio favorites. Rounded out with the the flexible character compressor and new vintage EQ collection, Logic offers a complete set of tools right out of the box.

Both Ableton Live 11 and Logic Pro feature the ability to add a video to the session. This is especially useful for creating soundtrack music or re-editing tracks for sync licensing. Apple is betting big on spatial audio with the introduction of Atmos to Apple Music in Live is a bit more limited in this respect, but Ableton recently released a Surround Panner device for their Max for Live modular environment more on that in a second that helps for mixing in these formats.

Max for Live is an edition of the software built to run inside Live. Even with the high price, Live is still worth every penny. However, Logic Pro is cheaper overall. Hot tip : Many beginner and intermediate music production products come bundled with an introductory version of Live. Ableton works just as well on either platform, so it might be high on your list if you use a PC for production.

When it comes to hardware, Ableton has a handful of specialized controllers that have been developed to let you go hands-on with all its features. It was built by the Ableton team to be the perfect hands-on companion to Live. Hot tip : Although Live is known for its use in performances, Mainstage is the companion app to Logic that many musicians use as a VST host to perform live.

Check out our VST Host breakdown to see how this type of app functions in a live setting. In the end, any DAW you choose is a great start, even if you have to make a change down the road. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content. Logic vs.

Workflow Workflow means the basic process of building tracks in a DAW. This lends itself especially well to playing…live…which is a big benefit to choosing Ableton. Price While features and workflow are certainly important, cost is a big factor at the end of the day. While features and workflow are certainly important, cost is a big factor at the end of the day. Hardware Finally, there are a few hardware issues to consider as you decide between Logic and Ableton.

You’ll like that too. Music Gear.


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