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Windows 7 Home Premium vs. Professional – Difference and Comparison | Diffen – Comparison Table Between Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate (in Tabular Form)

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Windows 7 Ultimate is the, well, ultimate version of Windows 7, containing all the features available in Professional and Home Premium, plus. › windows-7 › windowsversions. Short answer: there’s little reason to buy Professional as long as Ultimate is available; Ultimate is only $20 more and has every single.

Windows 7 professional vs ultimate which is better free. Windows 7 Version Comparison – Home, Professional, Ultimate


It basically depends on your needs and what you are going to be using Windows for. The rank of functionality from highest to lowest of the three Windows versions is: Ultimate — Professional — Home Premium.

Here are some things that you may want to consider when deciding on which version of Windows 7 to purchase. Basically, it works like this: Windows 7 Home Premium gives you all of the essentials. From there, Windows 7 Professional adds a couple more features. One more step up gets microsoft office 2010 professional plus serial number free the top of the line Windows 7 Ultimate which has all the bells and whistles.

Here is a diagram, straight from Microsoft, that gives a good general overview of this:. Microsoft recommends Home Premium for the most basic computer users, who жмите their computers to do common things such as email, surf the web, edit documents, etc.

The next step up from Home Premium is Windows 7 Professional, which adds three major features: XP ModeDomain Joinand the ability to back up to a home or business network. Windows 7 professional vs ultimate which is better free Mode is basically a way to allow people to run older software, that is not compatible with Windows 7.

It allows you to join the computer to a Windows Server Active Directory domain. This is another feature that can be replaced using several of the great freeware apps out there. If you are planning on посетить страницу this a feature like this at the office, take into consideration that most businesses do not use Windows backup.

The majority of the time, they use specialized solutions. Now, what features does Professional lack from Ultimate. Two main things: Bitlocker, and multilingual support. As you may have guessed, there are plenty of freeware apps out there that could easily replace the functionality of Bitlocker.

However, they may not be as convenient to use. Multilingual support is one difference, among many, that actually may be hard to replace effectively with a freeware app. There windows 7 professional vs ultimate which is better free freeware apps out there that specialize in translation; and windows 7 professional vs ultimate which is better free can download free Microsoft language packs.

However, this will not give the ease of the built-in language switching capabilities of Windows Ultimate. Worth the upgrade? If you are debating between Professional and Ultimate, you might as well swing the extra 20 bucks and go for Ultimate.

If you are debating between Home Basic and Ultimate, you decide. Freeware apps are what they are and they are not built-in to Windows. If you believe that you will use several of the features that Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate offer, and want to use Microsoft programs, go for the upgrade. Regular followers of Online-Tech-Tips? If you want to know the exact differences between each and every versions of Windows 7, check out this Wikipedia article. Founder of Help Desk Geek and managing editor.

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– Windows 7 professional vs ultimate which is better free


The Ultimate edition covers everything that is included in Windows Professional and much more. For starters, Ultimate has file-based encryption and Bitlocker encryption, which adds more security. However, this versatile edition of Windows 7 Ultimate also includes the benefits of easily switching between 35 MUI language packs and advanced features to block malicious software running through the Applocker property.

The Ultimate edition also has branch cache optimization technology for easy access to files over wide area network and also allows direct access to virtual hard drive or disk image without host interference.

In addition, it helps to keep the user connected on the go through the shortcut-enabled phone and the virtual desktop infrastructure specially designed for network administrators. Although the added benefits of the Professional and Ultimate editions of Windows 7 have been considered practically useless by home users, both editions are highly applauded by IT professionals and network administrators.

Both Professional and Ultimate have been proclaimed to provide remote desktop access with specially curated features that make work easier for both host and client. In addition, the Domain Join and Group Policy functions help to improve the work of a technician. However, the main difference between these two editions is that the Ultimate edition has direct access to the virtual hard disk files and the enhanced virtual desktop infrastructure that are missing from the Professional edition.

The difference between the two editions is also that the Ultimate edition provides even more security with Applocker, which blocks access to software installation, and Bitlocker encryption that is based on the Advanced Encryption Standard AES.

The Branch Cache and Direct Access features make the Ultimate edition smoother and more effective, which is also a noticeable difference between the two editions. Although the Ultimate edition is somewhat different from the Professional with its advanced access features and a higher level of security, Professional is no less effective.

Both editions are also made easy with Dynamic Disk support and Location-Aware printing along with everything mentioned above to make it even more high-tech. Your email address will not be published. Ahmad Noor u Deen June 9, 0 4 minutes read. Ahmad Noor u Deen. Read Next Differences March 20, Differences February 22, Differences January 19, March 20, February 22, January 19, Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate are two editions of the six original Windows 7 versions realized by the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Unlike other versions, the benefits of these two are most feasible for IT techs and not for every home user. However, there are several differences between the two butone of the main differences is that the Professional uses file-based encryption whereas Ultimate edition uses both file-based encryption and BitLocker encryption level.

The difference between Professional and Ultimate edition also lies in the fact that Ultimate is designed to be more advanced with 35 MUI language packs and Applocker benefits than Professional. Both Professional and Ultimate are equipped with additional controls such as access to joining windows domains and Group Policy, serving host from a remote desktop, and advanced backup options which make them stand out from the Windows Starter, Home Premium, and Home Basic.

Windows Professional is one of the six windows 7 editions that were launched by the Microsoft Windows Operating System in Professional, as the name suggests, is especially beneficial for the IT maestros who can avail the additional assistance once upgraded. Windows 7 Professional is not available in the retail stores but one can upgrade from even the basic through the Windows Upgrade Anytime portal.

Professional is also equipped with the Presentation Mode feature to enable uninterrupted usage and Location-aware Printing for accessing printers that are located within the appropriate vicinity. It also allows the user to join windows domains and have more control over the system through advanced features of Group Policy which is particularly beneficial for network administrators. However, the support for Professional ended in January , it continues to provide advanced services such as Advanced Backup and Restore options making it easier to retrieve lost files.

Windows defender in Professional edition helps provide more security from viruses and malicious software. Windows 7 Ultimate was also launched along with 5 other editions of Windows 7 in by Microsoft Windows Operating System. Unlike Windows Home Premium and Starter, Ultimate edition is most popular amongst the tech guys for its numerous additional benefits. The Ultimate edition covers all that is included in Windows Professional and much more.

However, this versatile edition of Windows 7 Ultimate also includes the benefits of easy switching between 35 MUI language packs and advanced features to block malicious software run through Applocker property.


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